Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry Department

        Livestock play an important role in the district Agricultural Economy. As the Ranga Reddy district encircles Hyderabad city, there is a great demand for animal produce. The Ranga Reddy leads other districts of Telangara State in Poultry production.In areas in and around Hyderabad city dairy is taken up as a specialized farming on commercial lines. In the interior area which is dry, sheep rearing is taken up by the rural poor and shepherd communities. Besides this many land less, small and marginal farmers earn their substantial livelihood from rearing milch buffaloes.


        The Regional Joint Director (AH) is the district administrative head of the department for Ranga Reddy and Hyderabad districts. He is assisted by Deputy Director [AH] SLBP and other technical and non-technical staff at district level. The Ranga Reddy district is divided into four administrative divisions namely Ranga Reddy East, Medchal, Chevella and Vikarabad each is headed by a Divisional Assistant Director (AH). Veterinary Hospitals are manned by Assistant Director (AH), Veterinary Dispensary by Veterinary Assistant Surgeon and Rural Livestock Units by Para veterinarians. At present Dr. V.Varaprasada Reddy is working as the Regional Joint Director (AH), Hyderabad.


        A. Prevention of contagious diseases by prophylactic vaccinations. B. To provide veterinary aid to the ailing/sick animals. C. To improve the production potential of livestock by upgrading the native livestock through artificial insemination and selective breeding. D. To improve feeding resources by encouraging the farmers to take up cultivation of improved fodder crops together with efficient utilization of existing resources. E. Actively coordinate in poverty alleviation programs to improve the socio economic condition of the rural poor especially through livestock. F. Up gradation and capacity building of both livestock owners and farmers from time to time for enhancing the livestock productivity and production. G. HRD training of staff and farmers training

Breeding Policy

        The breeding programme aims at improving the genetic potential for milk production. The ongoing programmes envisage upgrading non-productive cattle with proven breed semen and local buffaloes with Murrah semen through artificial insemination. Jersey : For cross breeding with non descript female cattle Population. Crossbred Jersey Semen (50% blood Level) :- For further breeding of crossbred female cattle limiting exotic inheritance to 50% level of Jersey. Holstein Friesian :- To be continued in Hyderabad city and surrounding areas. Crossbred H.F Semen 50% level :- For further breeding of cross bred H.F female cattle in Hyderabad only. Deoni :- Deoni semen to be used in Zaheerabad and Narayankhed talukus for breeding Deoni and Deoni type cows. Tribla Areas :- Bulls of Deoni and Ongole breeds to be supplied for Natural service depending on the availability.