About District

Ranga Reddy District was formed on 15th August, 1978 by carving out some portion of Hyderabad Urban Taluk & the merger of the entire Rural and Urban Areas of the remaining Taluks of Erstwhile Hyderabad District. This District is primarily the Rural hinterland for Hyderabad City feeding the powerful commercial Centre with various raw Materials, agriculture produce and finished products.

Origin of the Name

The Name of the District was Hyderabad (Rural) to begin with. It was changed as K.V. Ranga Reddy District and later on Ranga Reddy District. It was named after former Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh late Sri K.V. Ranga Reddy (Father-in-Law of former Chief Minister, late Dr M Chenna Reddy).


The District is located in the Central Part of the Deccan Plateau and lies between 160 30` and 180 20` of North Latitude and 770 30` and 790 30` of East Longitudes.


  1. Area: 5,031 Sq Km.
  2. Population: 2,446,265
  3. Altitude: 544 Meters.
  4. Climate: Tropical Wet and Dry.
  5. Summer: Max 40 C and Min 22 C.
  6. Winter: Max 22C and Min 13.8C.
  7. Rainfall: 89cm (June to Sept).
  8. Telephone Codes: 91-, 040, 08413, 08414, 08417
  9. State: Telangana.
  10. Currency: The unit of currency in Rangareddy is the ‘Rupee’.
  11. Languages Spoken: Urdu, Hindi, Telugu and English.